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We are focused on the future of construction prefabrication and believe that we are active participants in the development of innovative building processes.

Components prefabrication results in increased productivity, quality and profit.

Modules are prefabricated inside a state of the art manufacturing facility that allows for a much higher degree of precision that is impossible to achieve on worksites using traditional techniques.

Patterns and jigs ensure the required accuracy that guarantees that the panels conform to specifications - once transported to the worksite - we know they will fit.

Waste is minimized in the factory setting enhancing the growth of ECOFRIENDLY SOLUTIONS. The result in more ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS


Economic Impact

At Exeter we have developed techniques to enable us to control cost of construction without compromise. A few key benefits to our approach are:

  • Simultaneous delivery of multiple floors to trades will saves on logistical expenses and floor to floor assembly.
  • Significantly less cost to comply with governing construction safety requirements.
  • Economical foundations due to the lower dead load, and a reduction in concentrated loads.
  • Substantial saving on weight transfer and cantilever walls.
    Quicker time to market.
    Lower general conditions cost.

“The net result is typically more floor space for the same plan”


Founded by the executives of the S.F. Tadros Development Inc.