Faster “time to market&rdquot;


Solutions for faster “time to market”


Time is money – we provide solutions for faster “time to market”. At Exeter not only does our process provide for rapid development, with over 40 years worth of building experience we know how to optimize any project schedule. Here are just a few of the ways in which we can positively impact time to completion.


  • During the construction we do not wait for a subcontractor to inform us of his work status and forecast. We are proactive in our approach and evaluate weekly by checking work progress and compare with committed dates.
  • We supply a road map to help establish and monitor many of the following process action plans.
  • Project boundaries and schedule
  • Technical methodology and bidding instructions
  • Bid evaluation and contractor evaluation and selection
  • Procurement plan and schedule II
  • Information distribution
  • Change order policy
  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Regular progress job meeting and instructions structure
  • Project control and reporting plan with schedule control
  • Work approval and verification program
  • CCQ compliance and trade workers verification
  • Policy for payment request approval – and progress of work assessment in order to maximize the leverage on available credit.
  • Risk identification, quantification and response
  • Construction finishing coordination
  • Ongoing RBQ certification
  • Final inspections, certificates of compliance, as built drawings, instruction manuals and guaranties.
  • And professional certifications
  • Franchisor approval for operation

Founded by the executives of the S.F. Tadros Development Inc.