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We offer Solutions for high quality. At Exeter we take quality seriously Good is often just not good enough! Our early involvement with your project ensures the best possible result. At Exeter when we assume the mantle of "Owner’s Representative" for the construction of a commercial or residential building you can rest easy in the knowledge that your project is in skilled hands.

At EXETER Construction Inc. the normal duties of an owner’s representative or project manager is for us just the starting point. We will give your organization all the support it needs to complete a feasibility report. When required we will provide support to your Group in order to hire additional and specialized construction professionals needed to fine-tune your project. Here are just some of the approaches used by our professional team:

  • We start by submitting an overall view of a work plan and approach to the development of a commercial project.
  • Provide pre-construction assessment and development support up to the final acceptance by all governing authorities of the entire project.
  • Participate in a zoning study to obtain the most economical building configuration and the maximum yield from the buildable floor space
  • We will also provide an assessment on various construction assemblies or solutions and provide a strategy plan and an execution programs that includes:
  • Value engineering
  • Support in conceptual design
  • Preliminary budgeting
  • Energy efficiency research
  • Construction safety program (CSST)
  • Long lead item identification
  • Bid package preparation
  • Pre-qualifying of the subcontractors invited to bid
  • Evaluation of insurance requirement
  • Contract preparation and final negotiation
  • Contract legal review
  • Lean protection, program.
  • Progressive payment approvals policies.

Teamwork is a vital aspect for the success of any real estate development. Sadly general contractor often do not always concern themselves with the viability/profitability of the project. The traditional general contractor considers the commercial aspect of the project as someone else’s problem. Another commonly held belief by some general contractors is that their responsibility is limited to building what is on the plans period, regardless whether or not it is right for the owner/developer. At Exeter we are sensitive to the feasibility of a project and we never compromise with economic issues.


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