Better value


Solutions for better value


We provide solutions for better value. Here is a list of just some of the ways the Exeter team are able to enhance the value of your project.

  • Maintain the focus on the profitability and the financial performance of the development in order to obtain the maximum yield from the development with a maximum protection for the owners from possible liability.
  • Reach a peak efficacy to obtain an economical quality product.
  • Consideration of all available alternatives is essential in order to maximize the return on stake holder's investments. In most choices and decisions, to which we are confronted we will analyze the risk factor.
  • Constant communication with all the specialists and professionals to help bring together the best possible solutions at each step of the construction and in turn, we will provide you with reports allowing for the best possible progressive monitoring process and fast decision making.
  • Support and help the consultants and the trades at the high level construction planning which will show the big picture, all the way to the portioning of the work. We will verify and issue the proper checklist that will guide the trades in order to avoid delivery delays and post delivery problems.
  • Implement a relationship between all the participants that will get everyone on the same page so that we all respond to the project feedback seamlessly.
  • Initial project organization begins with a realistic work schedule and it has to be verified regularly and we must ensure a proper implementation of corrective action at all construction progress meetings.
  • To protect the interest of the owners, we will ensure the creation of a complete paper trail and photo survey of the construction site to report the activities of the trades and the verifications of all the consultants.
  • Provide flexibility guidelines due to a tight timetable, some projects will require a delicate balancing act to shrink the construction process and save time and money. Therefore, in a portion of the project we might be obliged to adopt a "design built" approach to "fast track" a portion of the work: fast tracking compresses the project schedule by running design and construction phases simultaneously.



Cost control utilizing a maximum number of stipulated sum contracts or a guaranteed maximum price given by the trades at the early phase of construction that is based on a good understanding of the architectural intent. In that case we will facilitate the communication between the professionals and the subcontractors and we will communicate their assumptions to you. In some rare cases of a “design in progress”, we will insure that the subcontractor manages the cost effectively. As the price of one item escalates the cost of another will have to be reduced.

The experienced Exeter teams provide outstanding communication skills vital to the interaction required on a typical construction project. They are committed to stay on budget throughout construction. In order to achieve this the process must be closely managed to anticipate the unexpected and resolve problems instantly.


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