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Work Description


I Introduction


EXETER CONSTRUCTION INC. acts in the capacity of an agent for the owner. Exeter would work with the Development Team made up of the owner and his consultant(s). We would work together from the pre-construction or design-development stage through to the completion of the project. Exeter serves as the general contractor and as your adviser and agent, providing site management, and administrative and technical services solely for your benefit and in the furtherance of your interests. The involvement of Exeter is solely and strictly directed toward the construction of a building or buildings; and does not include any intervention in the operation of the promoter’s organization. Also Exeter will act as the construction general contractor of record of the building “Donneur d’ouvrage”, assuming the responsibility via “La Régie Du Bâtiment du Quebec (RBQ)”, the “Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST)” and “ La Commission de la Construction du Quebec (CCQ)”.




  1. EXETER Construction Inc.
  2. The Owner and or the representative of the owner
  3. The Architect / Codes Consultant / Acoustics Consultant
  4. Mechanical Eng.
  5. Plumbing Eng.
  6. Electrical Eng.
  7. Structural Eng.
  8. Soil Eng. and Laboratory
  9. Designer
  10. Building assemblies experts
  11. The Surveyor
  • Some professionals are not required for smaller projects.


Assist you in selecting and retaining the professional services of a surveyor, designer, testing laboratories, geo-technical and other specialists and coordinate all required services.


  • Assist you in your application with any government agency to obtain grants and approval for building permits (optional service).
  • If the client (real-estate promoter); requires that a person from the general contractor’s organization (Exeter Construction Inc.) join the corporate entity of the real-estate promoter in order to certify the owner’s company in meeting the obligatory necessity of the «Régie du Bâtiment du Québec RBQ» new home warranty; in that event, a separate agreement will be drawn to satisfy both parties in accordance with the RBQ construction law and the underwriter’s demands for the financial certification of the project.



  • Attend regular meetings with the Development Team during the elaboration of conceptual and preliminary design and preparation of working drawings to advise on site use and improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment. Provide recommendations on construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to cost including costs of alternative designs or materials, preliminary budgets, and possible economies.
  • Assist in providing liaison and co-ordination among government authorities, utility companies, and other authorities having jurisdiction over the site of the project.

III-2 Planning and scheduling:

  • Prepare a preliminary time schedule: “Strategy for the construction of the project”, following consultation with the Development Team, incorporating the sequence and timing of the required basic program decisions, including design time, documentation, bid calls, bid evaluations, trade contract awards and on-site construction activities.
  • Prepare a line item estimated cost breakdown including all the general conditions of the project.
  • Monitor and, if required, revise and update the preliminary schedule as the design proceeds.
  • Finalize the master time schedule linked to the procurement list, and if necessary estimate the manpower requirements. Break down this schedule into individual networks for each phase of the project where necessary showing the sequence and timing for the main construction operations and the milestones completion dates for the various phases.
  • Link the construction schedule with the long lead procurement list and coordinate the deposits and deliveries.
  • Assist the Development team in obtaining all approvals, permits, and licenses required for the project.


  • Prepare a project budget as soon as major Project requirements have been identified and update periodically.

    The stages of the cost breakdown will be as follows:

    1. Cost forecast.
    2. Passive cost analysis.
    3. Dynamic and active cost results.
    4. Bid results cost.
  • Prepare and estimate based on a quantity survey of the drawings and specifications at the end of the schematic design phase for approval by the Development team.
  • Update and refine this estimate for your approval as the development of the drawings and specifications proceeds, and advise the Development team if it appears that the budget will not be met and make recommendations for corrective action.
  • Evaluate possible alternatives (value engineering) as the design proceeds, in order to permit the selection of the most economical materials and methods that will satisfy the design concept, and the schedule.
  • Implement the most prefabrication as possible, to control the cost.
  • Review the drawings and specifications as they are being prepared, recommending alternatives solutions whenever design details affect construction feasibility or schedules. Exeter will analyze and evaluate the possibility of designing the structure in precast slabs and precast building envelop, using steel structure as a secondary component or a total precast concept.


  • It is understood that all purchases or trades and all payment for such purchases or trades will be approved by Exeter.
  • Make recommendations to you regarding the division of work in the drawings and specifications to help facilitate the bidding and awarding of trade contracts, allowing for phased construction if needed, taking into consideration such factors as time of performance, availability of labor, overlapping trade jurisdictions, and provisions for temporary facilities if the case requires it.
  • Review and implement the construction insurance needs for the project in all bidding documents.
  • All bid information’s packages are structured to be result oriented.
  • Confirm that all building documents are complete and include the choice of materials, level of finishing, obtaining samples, etc.
  • Obtain up to 3 bids of each trade.
  • Assemble all bid documents for the solicitation of competitive bids for work to be performed by trade contractors. Arrange for the advertising of such bid calls and prepare the necessary pre-qualification criteria.



  • Plan and arrange for supply of temporary services and site facilities including but not limited to office accommodation and supplies, site hoarding, access, storage areas, temporary power and lighting, temporary enclosures, heating, drainage and water facilities and equipment, safety measures, access stairs and ladders, protection of finishes and continuous clean-up.
  • Review the drawings and specifications to estimate areas of conflict and overlapping in the work to be performed by the various trade contractors.
  • Analyze the bids received and make recommendations. Once awards are approved by the owner, prepare the trade contracts for execution.
  • Assemble the trade contract documents for all successful trade contractors. Check where required that all necessary, insurance policies, and worker’s compensation certificates are provided.
  • Assist you in arranging for the legal surveys of the project. Exeter shall be responsible for the maintenance of base lines and levels but trade contractors shall be responsible for detailing their work, enforced by the agreements with those trades.
  • All services and work performed by “EXETER CONSTRUCTION INC.” will be considered by all parties as a value added to the property upon which the development is done.


  • Monitor the work of the trade contractors and coordinate the work with the activities and responsibilities of the construction team.
  • Maintain a competent staff to coordinate and provide general direction of the project and progress of the trade contractors.
  • Establish on-site organization and lines of authority in order to support the construction team to carry out the overall plans of the project.
  • Create a complete paper trail for each trade detailed written instructions and detailed drawings.
  • Schedule and conduct progress meetings at which Exeter, the Development team and trade contractors can discuss jointly such matters as procedures, progress, problems and scheduling.
  • Provide regular monitoring of the schedule as construction progresses. Identify potential variances between scheduled and probable completion dates. Review schedule for work not started or incomplete and recommend to you and trade contractors adjustment in the schedule to meet the established completion date. Provide summary reports of each monitoring and document all changes in schedule.
  • Document meeting minutes and track their action/decision/issues in project tracking reports.
  • Review the adequacy of the trade contractors’ personnel and equipment and the availability of materials and supplies to meet the schedule. Recommend courses of action to you when requirements of a trade contractor are not being met.


  • The construction superintendent and or foreman as well as a security officer will be provided as a construction cost as well as all of the construction facilities and services common to the requirements of all trade contractors, both temporary and permanent, as are planned. Ensure that all bidders are informed of the facilities and services being provided directed by the management team.
  • A passive and active security Protocol including a watchman will be implemented at the site. That program will also include a presence logbook for all workers and visitors.
  • Implement a communication protocol and a method to issue work directives and work orders.


  • Insure that all construction meets accepted quality standards agreed to by the Development team.
  • A photo survey of the construction will be undertaken for potential future service needs.


  • With the consultants, establish and implement procedures for expediting the receipt, processing and review of shop drawings and samples.


  • Develop, implement and maintain an effective system of project cost control. Revise and refine the initially approved construction budget incorporate approved changes as they occur, controlled by an aggressive risk assessment policy.
  • If requested, assist you and consultants in implementing changes necessary to bring the projected costs within budget or estimates, also implement a policy of risk assessment with regard to all change orders.
  • The promoter and/or owner of the project must disclose to the management and construction team all the financial backing and of loans as well as the sources and all information concerning the available financing in place, including all its terms and conditions.
  • The promoter and/or owner of the construction project must disclose all the condo sales contracts including the terms and conditions of those sales, in order to be able to include the conditions in the construction schedule.


  • Develop and implement a procedure for the review, certification, processing and payment of application by trade contractors for progress and final payments.
  • Prepare a line item progressive project cost report.
  • Expedite the processing of trade contractors’ invoices and verification of same.


  • Periodically inspect the work of trade contractors for defects and deficiencies.
  • Implement adjustments to work orders to trades according to the latest information and requirements of the equipment package.
  • Review the safety programs of each of the trade contractors and make appropriate recommendations.


  • Maintain, on a current basis, records of all necessary contracts, drawings, samples, purchases, materials, equipment, maintenance and operating manuals and instructions, and other construction related documents. Obtain data from trade contractors and maintain a current set of project record documents and operating manuals. At the completion of the project, deliver to you all such records.



  • Obtain from the trades and submit for verification by the appropriate consultants all as-built drawings.


  • Prepare and itemize deficiency list by trade including a time table for correction and completion.


  • Receipt of final inspection reports from all governing authorities in order to certify the building for operation; as well as from the professionals.
  • Arrange with the consultant for the certification of the building by providing written notices to the owner and his consultant that the work is ready for final inspection. Seek and transmit to the consultant as received, warranties, affidavits, releases, bonds, waivers, manuals and record drawings. Turn over to the owner all keys and maintenance information.


  • Obtaining lien releases from all trades periodically in order to support the payment requests.
  • Obtain from all trades the proper certificates of compliance regarding the «Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail - CSST» and the «Commission de la Construction du Quebec - CCQ» as well as «Régie du bâtiment du Québec - RBQ»


  • Obtain from all trades, start-up reports and testing for all safety installations and for all equipment in the new building. Inform your maintenance personnel of all the features and maintain a close relationship with your operating staff to ensure a smooth and proper take over the building by the condo association.


  • Assist the real estate promoter/owner in administering the warranties from the trades, contractors and manufacturers. Also, will insure that all warrantees documents are transferred to the owners and/or condo association.


  • Exeter will provide the support to your staff and/or sales representatives in order to implement a «post-delivery» service program. That program will vary depending on the speciality of each trade, the management team will help your staff, to implement a post delivery service program.



  • Exeter will cooperate and provide all necessary support to the owner/promote in order to obtain all the necessary coverage of the builder’s risk insurance. Also, Exeter will monitor and coordinate to obtain all necessary insurance coverage from trades and/or major equipment providers.
  • If required, all major and main subcontractors will be requested to provide at additional cost a 50% labor and material performance bond in favor of the owner and lender.


  • The onsite field office will be included as part of the construction general condition.
  • Communication lines for telephone, internet and fax will be included within the construction general condition.
  • The temporary electric power for the construction will be drawn from the client’s Hydro connection or a generator and will be considered as a construction general condition.


  • The content of this document constitute an intellectual property of Exeter, and it is strictly confidential and it cannot be used in full or in part without a written consent.


  • Payments of fees are progressive, and are presented to the owner in a separate document.



Founded by the executives of the S.F. Tadros Development Inc.